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Club Fields and Other Locations

Wagner Field

Driving from Nashua:

  • Get on Route 102 going to Derry
  • Take WEST ROAD which is 2.1 miles beyond Alvirne High School
  • Old Landfill Road is 0.2 miles north on West Road
  • Turn left just before the white fence at Continental Paving
  • The gate is 200 yards down that road.


Driving from Manchester:

The easiest way from Manchester and points north is:

  • Route 93 SOUTH and take Exit 4 in Londonderry
  • Get on Route 102 south to Hudson and go 5.1 miles to West Road
  • Turn right on West Road and then Old Landfill Road is 0.2 miles north
  • Turn left just before the white fence at Continental Paving
  • The gate is 200 yards down that road.


Field Rules

The Field and Flight Line Rules are designed for:

  1. Club Safety, so that we do not lose the field due to complaints from neighbors.
  2. Personal Safety, so that actions of one person does not injure nor tend to lead to the injury of another person nor damage another person's aircraft.

Club Rules are in addition to the current Official AMA SAFETY code.

  1. No trash or cigarette butts shall be left at the field.
  2. No flying is permitted while the field is being mowed.
  3. When an unsafe condition exists or unsafe act is being performed by anyone, it is a club member's obligation to inform the person committing the act to cease, correct the unsafe condition or stop all flying activity until the condition improves.
  4. Flying Guests:Guests must be current AMA members. Two types of guests are recognized, a local guest, and a remote guest (living outside a 100 mile radius). A Local Guest may fly with a club member/sponsor two days in any calendar year. A Remote Guest may use the field for up to two weeks providing the sponsor trains their guest in SNHRCC Field rules. All guests use their AMA card for frequency control the same way a SNHRCC member uses their membership card.
  5. Use common sense and courtesy when at the field. Think of others, their safety and the work they put into their aircraft. For instance, don't run your engine so that it blows dirt or debris on another plane; Call your takeoff and landing so the other pilots are aware that you will be on the runway. If there are pilots waiting to fly - limit your flight to 15 minutes.
  6. Wednesday and Saturday are designated Trainee Preference Days.
  7. Members who have not been flight certified by a qualified instructor must be accompanied by a qualified flyer. Qualified flyers will have a colored membership card - unqualified will have a white card.
  8. Flying behind the flight line (edge of runway extending to horizons); flying at or towards the pits (except in turns); flying that jeopardizes anyone's personal safety or flying that jeopardizes the SNHRCC field privileges is strictly forbidden. Continued offense is cause for SNHRCC membership revocation.
  9. All non-pilot individuals are excluded from the pit area and flight line unless accompanied by a SNHRCC club member.
  10. Current SNHRCC colored membership cards must be pinned to the channel number on the frequency board before the corresponding transmitter is to be turned on.
  11. All internal combustion engines shall have an effective muffler and will meet the current AMA noise standard. (Maximum of 97 dB, with the engine at full throttle, measured 9' from the exhaust side of the aircraft with the meter elevated 2' above the ground.)
  12. A maximum of three aircraft powered by internal combustion engines may be flying at one time.
  13. Taxiing of aircraft in, into, or out of the pit area is forbidden.
  14. No alcoholic beverages are permitted at the field.

Litchfield Middle School

The school is used for monthly meetings from September to May. Summer meetings are held at the Wagner Field

Sandown North Elementary School

Indoor site, for indoor planes and Helis

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Club Members!!!

The club has a rule in place that there will be no flying when the transfer station is open, in the past the transfer station was only open one Saturday per month. So we couldn't fly on that Saturday.

The town has changed the policy and the transfer station is open every Saturday morning till noon. What this means to us based on our own rules is that there is no flying on any Saturday morning.

Please take heed of this new change and wait to fly till after noon time.

We have made a special exception for the ALES glider event in September, participants in this event have been given special instructions regarding access on that Saturday, During this ALES contest weekend the field will be closed to power flight.

‚ÄčConcerning the dumping station at the bottom of the hill. Do not Dump Anything there. This is Illegal. The town takes this very seriously!!!!! We had this happen before in the past, the police got involved and the individual was facing criminal action.

The town allows us to use the site, the town can also take it away at a moments notice!

Our use of the site depends on keeping the outer gate locked at all times and the club policy is CARRY IN - CARRY HOME!! Anyone who dumps down below will forfeit their membership immediately!!

Thanks for your attention,